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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can CEIS signs be located in our municipality?

Suggested placement includes municipality or privately-owned property located at the major entrances to and intersections in your community, pending application of local & state regulations. We may provide additional locations upon review with your authorized agents.

Are CEIS signs really provided at no cost? What’s the catch?

Yes, the CEIS sign program is offered at no cost to qualifying municipalities.  Signs must be installed on roads that provide adequate traffic to support local and regional advertising which is used to offset both the cost of installing the sign and for ongoing CEIS support, including 24-hour technical support and general maintenance. The signs will give the community direct access to community messaging, including AMBER alerts, municipal concerns, and other Public Service Announcements.

Can we choose the style and landscaping for our CEIS signs?

Yes! Our team will work with you to determine the ideal style of sign and landscaping to make your CEIS gateway signs an attractive and inviting asset.

What if our sign ordinance does not permit this type of sign?

The CEIS program is backed by a sign development company with over 40 years of experience in numerous states. Our legal team can assist your municipality with necessary zoning or sign ordinance updates to enable the use of this technology in your jurisdiction. CEIS will also comply with any applicable State regulations.

How are public service announcements determined?

Public Service Announcements (PSA) are received through national agencies such as The Department of Missing and Exploited Children for Amber Alerts, NOAA and local weather agencies for Severe Weather Alerts and the Department of Homeland Security for National Security Announcements. A vital PSA which affects your community will take precedence on all CEIS locations in your community. The length of the initial PSA broadcast is determined by each agency due to the severity of each issue. It is typical for a PSA to rotate with your community and advertising broadcasts for the duration of time necessary.

How do we broadcast our content on the sign? What can we display?

In addition to PSA’s and alerts, your municipality can utilize the sign for civic messages from your community’s leaders and authorized representatives. These broadcasts may include welcome messages, community information or announcements, tourism information or anything helpful to the community. An authorized agent for your municipality will work with a CEIS representative who will provide support for your broadcast content.

What is the size of a CEIS electronic display?

These signs are significantly smaller than traditional advertising signage yet sized to be adequate for vital communication. CEIS signs are typically monument style structures designed to complement any community design requirements. In many locations the typical LED screen display will be 100 square feet, and in certain circumstances larger sizes may be necessary to achieve adequate visibility. Messages are programmed to rotate every 6-8 seconds providing maximum exposure. Initial PSA or emergency alerts will display for longer periods of time.

How long has the CEIS program been available?

The Community Electronic Informational Signage (CEIS) program is an exciting new program launched in 2014 by a sign company with over 40 years of experience in the outdoor sign development industry. The program was created to address the needs of communities specifically in the areas of Public Service Announcements (PSA), community civic messages, and economic development.

How does the community benefit?

CEIS gateway signs provide key communication points which allow your city to get vital information out to citizens and the traveling public. Our partner cities use the displays to promote civic events such as fundraisers, public hearings, holiday festivals etc. The signs are also utilized for Amber and Silver Alerts, severe weather warnings, road closures and additional emergency messaging. Lastly, local businesses utilize the displays for creative advertising campaigns which drives sales, supports the local economy and increases the tax base.

How do we ensure that all content on the signs will be appropriate?

CEIS and the city, with the assistance of the city attorney, will enter into an operating agreement that clearly spells out the approved types of messaging, and restricts content which could be politically or otherwise sensitive to the city and community. CEIS also personally reviews all ads and messaging prior publishing for an added layer of security.

What about concerns over brightness?

CEIS signs are regulated by stringent FHWA standards for brightness, auto-dimming at night to a level with far less ambient light than traditional illuminated signage or on-premise LED’s.

Are the signs a distraction to drivers?

The federal government has commissioned numerous independent academic studies over the years that have clearly demonstrated no correlation between LED signage and an increase in traffic collisions compared to standard static signage. In addition, the benefit from emergency messaging to the community makes the signs a net positive for safety.

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